Download the latest version of Personalised Study Guide plugin for Moodle LMS

Requires:Moodle 3.0 or greater
Released:June 13, 2022
Requires:Behaviour Analytics

The Personalised Study Guide plugin is available from the Moodle plugins directory and can also be found on GitHub.

How to install it

First, the source code needs to be downloaded from here or from GitHub as a ZIP file. Then, the plugin can be installed from within Moodle from Site administration -> Plugins -> Install plugins and choosing to install from ZIP file. More information about installing plugins can be found on Moodle's installing plugins page.

Plugin documentation

The Personalised Study Guide (PSG) plugin is a course format designed to integrate with Behaviour Analytics and provide a customized course page based on the student's learning style. The Behaviour Analytics plugin must be installed and set up for the PSG plugin to work. The PSG plugin can either use the ILS questionnaire results or the clustering analysis results. Using clustering results involves generating at least one clustering analysis and selecting it for use in prediction. When replaying clustering, there is a checkbox at the bottom of the analysis to select for prediction. Only an analysis that has run to convergence can be selected for prediction. Regular, LORD, or LSA graphs may be used in prediction. Once an analysis is selected, the PSG plugin will use the selected analysis to perform learning style prediction based on the cluster that the student belongs to and the common links in that cluster. Each node in the common link set has its learning style determined and summed to determine the learning style of the cluster. The learning style of the course learning objects is also determined and then the objects are arranged based on their relevance to the student's predicted style.

Tutorial videos

This video shows how to use the plugin and integrate it with the Behaviour Analytics plugin, found here.

Reporting bugs

Any issues with the plugin can be reported through the plugin's bug tracker.

Change log

Version: 1.0

  1. Fix incorrectly implemented privacy provider class.

Version: 1.0

  1. Initial release.