Download the latest version of Learning Object Relation Discovery (LORD) plugin for Moodle LMS

Requires:Moodle 3.0 or greater
Released:November 9, 2020
Enhances:Behaviour Analytics

The Learning Object Relation Discovery (LORD) plugin is available from the Moodle plugins directory and can also be found on GitHub.

How to install it

First, the source code needs to be downloaded from here or from GitHub as a ZIP file. Then, the plugin can be installed from within Moodle from Site administration -> Plugins -> Install plugins and choosing to install from ZIP file. More information about installing plugins can be found on Moodle's installing plugins page.

Plugin documentation

Once the plugin is installed in a course, there is a link in the block to the plugin's internal documentation. There is also documentation available in the plugin's readme file.

Tutorial videos

This video shows how to use the plugin and integrate it with the Behaviour Analytics plugin (v0.6.7 or greater), found here.

Reporting bugs

Any issues with the plugin can be reported through the plugin's bug tracker.

Change log

Version: 0.7.7

  1. Added db/install.php file to populate dictionary before plugin use

Version: 0.7.6

  1. Change simulation timeout, now number of nodes * 200ms rather than 7s

Version: 0.7.5

  1. Add report an issue link to documentation
  2. Restrict stop words to alphabetic characters only
  3. Minor bug fix where error on block settings page when global discovery turned off
  4. Move previous bug fix changes to Behaviour Analytics
  5. Major bug fix where clustering done with LORD graphs now updates properly in background

Version: 0.7.4

  1. Initial release